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aSAP - Accessable's service application platform, where all users can collaborate on solutions together.


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If you require assistance with aSAP, our Help Desk team are here to help.

Email:     Tel: 0508 001 002 / select option 5

Access to aSAP

If you are an accredited assessor (MOH) and/or work for an approved provider (ACC) and have already been invited to register in aSAP you can login here:  aSAP Log-in

Need an aSAP Login?

If you are an accredited assessor (MOH) and/or work for an approved provider (ACC) but are not registered for aSAP, complete and submit the aSAP registration identification form here:  aSAP Registration

Becoming an accredited assessor (MOH only)

If you are not an accredited assessor, you will not be able to apply for Ministry of Health funding to provide solutions for your customers. You first need to be registered as an accredited assessor.   More information

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Equipment Supplier Information

This section of our website is intended specifically for our suppliers and will contain documents and templates that are used by our suppliers to provide us with operational product and delivery data or will contain documents with important reference information to be referred to by our suppliers.

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