Important Update:

Accessable and the Professional Advisory Team are pleased to announce the 2021 Education Calendar covering a range of MOH EMS topics.  Registrations and notifications will be emailed to Assessors as per accreditation focus.


Education Calendar 2021

Cancelled*  Let’s move with Power WMPML1 Workshop

*In light of the Covid-19 Alert Level timeframes, the Let’s move with Power WMPML1 workshop has now been cancelled and a new date will be released in 2022.



aSAP Tutorial Videos and supporting information

Webinar:  Construction Zone: Building your EMS Housing Advice

Webinar:  Equip’ing Your EMS Equipment Advice

Workshop:  Calling all Newbies

Webinar:  Supporting your Clients - PSCHSM

Webinar:  Scoping and Assessing the Environment

Webinar:  Transferring from A to B

Webinar:  Working together @ Challenging Behaviours

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