Accessable works with healthcare providers, including ACC and District Health Boards, to deliver equipment and housing and vehicle modification services nationwide.

We’ve developed a safe, secure and trusted system to ensure these services are delivered to you in a respectful and privacy-protective way.

We need some information about you to do this

As part of this process, the healthcare provider or case owner that referred you to us needs to give us health information about you, so that we can make sure you receive the right product, at the right place, at the right time.

We need information about your health condition or disability and we also need your name, contact details and some other information that is relevant to your case. We only collect or generate the personal information we really need to get the job done.

We’ll use your information to deliver the services you need

We take our role as a custodian of health information very seriously and we really value your trust. We use the health information we receive about you to assess your needs, deliver the services you require and to keep you and our people safe throughout the process.

We tightly control who can access your information through our online portal and we share information only where necessary. We’re required by law to hold on to your information for a while, but we keep it safe throughout.

You can find out more about your information

You can ask us for a copy of your information, or to correct it, at any time.

To do this, or to find out more about us and the health information we collect, use and share, check out our full Privacy Statement
email us at,
or call us on 0508 001 002

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