Accessibility considerations in the Accessable website

At Accessable, we wanted to ensure that we provided access to information and interaction for people with disabilities by including design and functionality that follow accessibility principles.

The following accessibility components have been included in the design and build of the Accessable website:

Design Principles

  • Pages are not ‘content heavy’, making it easy for users to navigate pages easily and quickly.
  • The language on the website is simple, concise and easy to understand.
  • Users have clear direction to navigate back through the website if they make a mistake.
  • The colour palette and contrast of elements on the website is balanced so users can see website sections clearly.
  • Distracting of visually challenging content will be avoided.

Feature List

  • The Accessable website has a feature to increase font size for text. (A+ A- )
  • Updating captions for all multimedia items (images and infographics)
  • Updating CMS to allow text alternatives for non-text content
  • Ability to navigate the website via keyboard and not be “trapped”
  • Ability to print the content of a story detail page
  • Usability of screen readers on website

The following components are included in the design and build to satisfy the WCAG 2.0 level A + AA success criteria.

Time-based media

  • Audio-only and Video-only (pre-recorded)
  • Captions (can be pre-determined and added live on the website)
  • Audio description or media alternative (pre-recorded)


  • Info and Relationships
  • Meaningful Sequence
  • Sensory Characteristics


  • Audio Control
  • Resize text
  • Images of Text

Enough Time

  • Timing Adjustable
  • Pause, Stop, Hide


  • Three Flashes or Below Threshold


  • Bypass Blocks
  • Page Titled
  • Focus Order
  • Link Purpose (In Context)
  • Multiple Ways
  • Headings and Labels
  • Focus Visible


  • Language of Page
  • Language of Parts


  • On Focus
  • On Input
  • Consistent Navigation
  • Consistent Identification

Input Assistance

  • Error Identification
  • Labels or Instructions
  • Error Suggestion
  • Error Prevention (Legal, Financial, Data)


  • Parsing
  • Name, Role, Value

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