Advice Requests

The aSAP area used to create a Ministry of Health (MOH) Advice Request for equipment, housing or vehicles



Accredited Equipment Assessor (AEA)

An assessor approved and accredited under the Disability Support Services EMS Assessor Accreditation Framework. The assessor's accreditation determines the application type of equipment or modifications they can recommend



Application Type

The range of applications on aSAP categorised by application type (Equipment, Housing Modification, Vehicle Modification and/or Vehicle Purchase) and sub type (Purchase, Trial, Hire, Basic, Complex, Assessment, Modification)




The aSAP area used to create ACC HMOD applications; or MOH Equipment, Housing or Vehicle Service Requests



Accessable Service Application Platform (aSAP)

aSAP is Accessable's proprietary name for the customer relationship management (CRM) platform used to manage Housing applications for ACC, and Equipment, Housing and Vehicle service requests for MOH. Registered Assessors, case owners and suppliers can access aSAP



Clinical Profile Information

A section in the aSAP Advice Requests area where information about the customer's clinical profile such as diagnosis, functional loss etc, is entered to support an Advice Request to be reviewed.  The recorded Clinical Profile Information will be available for other Assessors to review and update accordingly




When creating an application, an Assessor or Case Owner can invite other users to work together on providing a solution in aSAP




When creating an application, an Assessor or Case Owner can add a comment to the application




a) The people receiving services from Accessable

b) The aSAP area used to create a new customer, and view or edit details of current customers



Disability Support Services (DSS)

MOH contract type (MOH EMS - DSS)



Equipment and Modification Services (EMS)

MOH contract




The item is held in stock in the warehouse and does not need to be purchased from a supplier



Housing Modification (HMOD)

ACC housing modification contract type




The item is not held in stock and is always purchased from the supplier and delivered direct



Product Category

A catalogue classification to identify Paediatric, Bariatric and Heavy Duty products



Item Classification 

A catalogue classification where products in the aSAP equipment catalogue have been grouped with like products e.g. wheelchair/wheelchair power/wheelchair power midwheel drive




The equipment, housing or vehicle items that are being requested for the customer by the user



Like for Like

The replacement of existing equipment with the same item or an equipment item that has the same purpose and functionality (form, fit and function)



List Item

Items that Accessable are contracted to supply (the MOH List)



Long Term Support - Chronic Health Conditions (LTSCHC)

MOH contract type (MOH EMS - LTSCHC)




Milestones are used in aSAP to identify specific points along the application timeline



Portal Users

The users of the aSAP Portal e.g. Assessors, Case Owners, and Suppliers



Purchase application

An application request for proposed equipment to be purchased and provided to the customer. Accessable provides refurbished equipment to customers, where available, before purchasing new equipment



Service Requests

MOH equipment or service requests. The service requests are created in aSAP Applications > Service Requests



Service Item Codes (SIC)

A classification code provided by ACC and MOH for each product to enable correct ordering and billing




The equipment, housing or vehicle item that is being requested for the customer by the user.  Also known as the Items



Status or Status Message

Messages display during the application process indicating progress of the application e.g. Failed Submission, Cancelled, Pending Approval, Rejected, Withdrawn



Submit Application

The Assessor or Case Owner clicks Submit Application to submit a completed application. The aSAP system checks the application information is correct and all contract requirements have been met. If there are any errors the application is passed back to the Assessor  or Case Owner for correction. If there are no errors the application is passed to Accessable to review and process



Summary/Summary of Need

The title of the application/advice request to make it easy for any user to search the application e.g. bed mobility - new bed; advice on eligibility



Supporting Documents

When creating an application, an Assessor and Case Owner can upload supporting documents to support the review process e.g. MOH housing builder's quote and plan; ACC assessor's assessment report



Trial application

An application request for the proposed equipment to be trialled. Trial requests allow flexibility and trial extensions



User Name

The name used by the Assessor or Case Owner for logging into aSAP



Write in item

An item not in the catalogue. Also called a Non Catalogue Item. To add the item to an application, click Add Non Catalogue Item, and complete details for the Write-In Product


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