Refreshing our values

Back in March 2021, Accessable started down the path of reviewing our values and understanding what we stood for as an organisation.

The time was right to refresh the values of Accessable, so we went about the process of clarifying what was important to us and our purpose.

It was vital that our people were involved in developing our refreshed values and the last year has been a journey of self-discovery for all of us as we worked together in workshops, proposed the new values and sought feedback, and in August 2021, our values were agreed upon.

COVID – as it has with many plans – meant we needed to delay our launch, but in June 2022 we were finally able to do so.

We are very excited to be able to share what it means to be a part of Accessable when we are operating at our best:


  • Safety first – keeping ourselves and others safe
  • Kia Mātua Haumaru – kia haumaru tātou katoa


  • Make a difference – for our customers
  • Kia Whai Pānga –Ki ā tatou kiritaki


  • Own it – don’t pass the buck
  • Whakamanahia – Kaua e uapare


  • Do what’s right – even when no-one is looking
  • Mahi Tika – Ahakoa kākore e mātakina


  • Better together – we are one team
  • Kia Nanakia – He toa takitini


  • Attitude is everything – what we say and do matters
  • Koia Ko Te Whanonga – He panga tō te mahi me te kupu


  • Aim high – in the pursuit of excellence
  • Tīkarohia Te Marama – E angitu ai

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