Accessable uses Learning Planet to enhance the Customer Service experience

Accessable staff Accessable staff Accessable staff Accessable staff

Accessable has chosen LearningPlanet to provide online learning for individuals and businesses in the areas of Sales, Service and Leadership. It is a training resource library that can be used as, when and how anyone needs it, in-house training for its customer service team members.

Accessable’s Customer Service Team Leader, Lisia Halapua, leads a customer service team of 21. She says the three main challenges the team faces are the complexity of Accessable’s customer needs due to their injuries and disabilities, adhering to ACC and Ministry of Health guidelines, and managing the requirements of government contracts.

In terms of training, LearningPlanet provides the opportunity to enhance the team’s knowledge and skills as well as helping with ongoing coaching.

“The team get one to two modules to complete and are given an hour within each month to do this. They’re also required to provide feedback in their monthly one-on-one coaching sessions on their learnings, and how it has helped them upskill and be the best they can be” Lisia explains.

As a result, Lisia says she has seen positive improvements all round within the team, with call evaluations improving markedly over time: “We've come a long way since we first started call evaluations. There is a massive improvement and we are so proud of our team.”

Some of the modules have also helped around development for people who have goals of becoming leaders, she says. It has also improved call control, productivity, reduced complaints and escalations, and improved staff engagement.

Using LearningPlanet also means that Lisia has more resources available within the training budget and it has provided her with exactly what she needs to motivate her team and achieve measurable results.

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