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For answers to questions we are regularly asked, please see below.

How do I get information about the Review and Complaints Procedures?

Please click on this link Reviews & Complaints Procedures to go to the Reviews and Complaints page

How do I find out if I am entitled to Ministry of Health funded equipment or services?

The Ministry of Health has information available on their website relating to eligibility criteria and access to equipment or services. Please click on the following link to find out more:

What do I do when my equipment no longer meets my needs?

Contact the Specialised Assessor or ACC Case Manager to determine what your new needs are, and phone accessable to arrange for the old equipment to be collected, free of charge. Where possible accessable recycles all equipment.

Who is responsible to repair equipment?

You are responsible for day to day maintenance, loss of equipment or accidental damage and the insurance of all equipment. Contact us for all other repairs.

What happens if I move home?

If you are leaving the country, you can take some equipment with you. Contact us for details. If you are moving within New Zealand, you can keep your equipment but you need to inform accessable so we can keep a record of your new address.

What do I do with my equipment if I move into a rest home?

You keep all equipment used for independent mobility but please contact accessable to return all other equipment. The rest home should provide equipment for you.

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