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3 September 2018

The Ministry would like to draw your attention urgently to the following communication. Demand for the MoH EMS budget has consistently exceeded the available funding, your requests are unable to be met within the EMS Providers allocated budgets. The driver for the overspend is related to Band 2/3 equipment. The overspend is not sustainable moving forward and the EMS Providers must get back on budget.

EMS Assessors must consider choosing cost effective equipment, and consider Band 1, 2 and 3 List or reissue equipment before considering more complex non-list equipment.

This communication is regarding the funding shortfall in the current financial year and the steps the Ministry require all EMS Assessors to take to ensure as many disabled people as possible have access to the current allocated funding. This communication has been sent to all EMS Assessors. Please click here to read more.

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