COVID-19 PROTECTION FRAMEWORK from 3 December 2021


Services that sub-contractors and suppliers provide to Accessable continue under all settings of the COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic light system).

Accessable fully complies with the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations Order 2021) and requires all those providing services on our behalf to be fully vaccinated.


Delivery of Equipment

We will deliver all equipment through all settings of the framework. Where possible, this will be contactless. If this is not possible, and contact is required, we will ensure appropriate safety protocols are in place.

Any physical interactions between sub-contractors or Assessors and clients should be recorded for Contact Tracing purposes.

For clients who may be particularly vulnerable, the delivery of equipment will need to be managed carefully and Accessable will assist in working through a customised delivery plan.


Client agreement

At all times during service delivery, there should be agreement between client, family and whānau to confirm that the service can proceed. The client can decline services at any time.


Contact tracing requirements

It is necessary to record all instances where people have been in close contact with others so Contact Tracing can be carried out if necessary. It is a requirement that a Contact Tracing process is in place for your staff.


Repair work

Repairs are able to proceed at all settings of the COVID-19 Protection Framework with appropriate safety protocols in place.


Annual Servicing

With the move to the Protection Framework, annual servicing of equipment has recommenced with appropriate safety protocols in place.

Accessable require all our suppliers, sub-contractors, and our own staff, to follow a site attendance process PRIOR to making the appointment with the client to meet them on-site.  A copy of the process employed by Accessable can be downloaded here:


Once this process has been completed and the decision has been made to attend a client on-site then a robust health and safety pre-start assessment must be completed. The process employed by Accessable can be downloaded here:


When in contact with a client at an on-site appointment, it is imperative that infection control protocols are complied with. The process used by Accessable can be downloaded here:


Sub-contractors/suppliers are urged to use their professional experience and discretion and assess each job on a case-by-case basis, turning to Accessable for support and guidance when required.  If there is any doubt about what action to take and whether to visit a client on-site, then sub-contractors must ensure they contact Accessable before visiting the client.

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