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Alert Level 4 - New Zealand wide - from 18th August 2021

At Alert level 4 there arerestrictions on the services we can provide. Both the provision of equipment and the commencing or continuation to housing modifications will be assessed to determine if the need for these services in deemed essential.

Principles underpinning the definition of essential services include:

  • Keep people at home living safely
  • Keep people out of hospital where we can
  • Where possible get people home from hospital quickly
  • Respond to crisis / urgent / acute physical and mental health needs
  • Assist in avoiding harm to people's mental well-being

If the need is deemed essential, based on conversations with your assessor, these applications will be prioritised and can proceed. We will continue, where possible, to have contact-less interactions when we provide our services, and this will be discussed with you when an appointment is made. To ensure your safety and the safety of our staff, Accessable will continue to use a number of procedures and checklists when providing equipment and services, and our staff will be wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

Other non-essential services, such as the provision of non-essential equipment or collections of equipment, may continue, particularly where it is possible to have contact-less interactions, but this will be on managed on a case by case basis.  The exception to this is vehicle modifications which will be deferred until New Zealand moves to a lower Alert Level.


If at any stage you feel uncomfortable about using the services that we have available at this time, please let our team know and we will look to postpone any work until a later date.

Take care and please do contact us or your Assessor if you have any questions about our service provision to you.

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