Accessable is the equipment service provider for the Ministry of Health for the northern region of NZ and for ACC across the country. We buy disability equipment from around the world as well as small amounts locally in New Zealand. 


As you may be aware, the usual international freight time frames and routes have been hugely disrupted by COVID-19 and this is likely to continue until at least the middle of next year.  As well as general freight into NZ, this is also impacting on the availability of equipment provided by the Ministry of Health and ACC.  This may affect the equipment that is available for you to use.


To proactively manage this situation Accessable is:

  • working with our suppliers on equipment availability into the middle of next year and beyond
  • finding alternate equipment when needed
  • using refurbished products where possible


We are in regular contact with your Assessor as we all work together to ensure equipment availability and minimise the impact this situation has created.


We’d like to reassure you we are doing everything possible to get the right equipment to you in a timely way.  Sometimes we may be unable to do this as supply and delivery will be outside of our control even with our best efforts.


Please ensure you discuss any concerns with your Assessor.  They will link in with us and we will work together and do our best to find an equipment solution for you.

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